The Return of the Trackers!

Remember these? I got super into these mid 2014, I also used to designate each month as a month of something.. then I kind of just stopped doing that. Well, 2015 is the year of being brave so I’m going to be more diligent with these.

Welcome to Jump to it January!

I’ve got big plans for 2015, I feel like I’ve spent the last few years preparing for this new big adventure in my life and I’m just super ready to be started. So no more procrastination! No more not doing things out of fear, just getting it did!

Week 2 Trackers

  • Exercise

A little cliche but why should that stop me? I keep saying I will work out more, and I never follow through. So, let’s kick start this year with a Buzzfeed Work Out that pushes me way out of my comfort zone!

  • Korean Language

My Korean learning seems to be so drib drabby. I can do better. I have this cool new phrasebook, and I’m following Quick Korean a course by the Cyber University of Korea which is a really handy course in multiple languages. Check out their Youtube Page.

Since then my water intake has waned, let’s bring it back up!

  • Job Applications

I want to apply for a job that I’d love to have every day. I send out a lot of applications for things I’m capable of, but I don’t always apply for things that I’m super duper itching to do. I’d like to find one a day and really spend time on my application.


Jump to it January! Be Brave!

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  1. 메간 Megan says:

    I know that finding a good book to learn Korean from can be difficult. There aren’t really a lot of great books out there to actually teach you the fundamentals of the language, rather there are quite a few books that function on memorization and some aren’t even in hangul! Here is the link to the textbook I used in my Korean K101 course sophomore year

    My professor was Hyo Sang Lee, the second author of the book. He wasn’t that great at explaining some things, but the textbook is a great supplemental learning tool. There’s an intermediate volume as well, which also is good. I have kept these for years now and will refer back to them. They are awesome, in my opinion. Hope this helps 🙂

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    1. adoredee says:

      Thank you for the recommendation! I have so many books but these are my favourite three that I circle back to. Active & Arirang were the two series I used when studying in Chung Ang, so I feel a kind of connection (so weird) to them. If I’m ever feeling lost, I will have a look at that one!

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