2015. Be Brave.

Happy New Year!

2014 is all done, and I’m genuinely really excited for what 2015 will bring. I experienced and learnt so much last year, about myself and the world around me.

I graduated with an MSc in Consumer Psychology, became closer with family, discovered I’m lactose sensitive (sobs), saw the Tour de France for the first time, made new friends, fell back in love with old ones and discovered new passions.

2014 was the year I dipped my toe in the waters of the wider world, I spent so long of 2013 being overly cautious and finally 2014 taking my first steps out into the real world. 2015 is the year to be bold, be brave, be dangerous and really live. I’m excited for 2015, I’ve started the year surrounded by the people who love me most who are all rooting for me. Now, I’m rooting for me! I’m rooting for me to be adventurous, to be brave and to make 2015 the year of awesome!

The first few blog posts will be a look back of things that made me happy and raise my eyebrows in 2014, then I can start telling you about all the super fun exciting things I have planned for 2015!

Be Brave!

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