Review | L’Oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil

I’ve talked a little about this cleansing oil in my general cleansing review, but now I’m almost finished with my second bottle, and on my way out to buy a third I thought I should write a more indepth review about why I love this cleansing oil so much.


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The ingredients are simple, it’s mineral oil with perfume and an emulsifier. The perfume I could take or leave, but where this product shines above regular mineral oil is the emulsifier. I’ve seen a few reviews deduct points for the scent which is a kind of vintage floral smell, but it doesn’t linger on your skin for long after you washed it off. Once I’ve layered all my other products on my skin, I don’t smell it.

How I use it.

I use this every night and most mornings. Lots of people say you don’t need to use it in the morning, but your skin knows best yanno? My skin doesn’t like it if I don’t use it in the morning but because I don’t have makeup on, and I’m only taking off the night’s routine I use less than I do at night.

The oil itself is a bit thicker than baby oil, but it sinks into your skin a little, so it won’t drip off your face even if you use more than 3 pumps of product.

Step 1. With a dry face, I use three pumps of the oil and spread an even layer on my skin.

Step 2. Then I gently massage the oil into my skin and leave it for a few minutes.

Hmmmm, emulsion.

Step 3. Rinse with water, then with a damp microfibre cloth I wipe the residue off, taking care to remove all traces of the from the edges of my face.

Step 4. Follow with a gentle pH 5.5 cleanser.

Why I love it so much.

My skin saw an instant significant reduction in oil from the very first day. Better still, my skin stayed that way all day, even with other products layered on. I was amazed. While my skin wasn’t matte, I can now classify my skin as dewy rather than pizza. Which is pretty awesome!


L’Oreal promises this on their website:

“Instantly dissolves even waterproof make-up, skin feels perfectly clean with a non-greasy finish. The oil formula helps to re-balance skin’s natural oil production for healthy-looking skin.”

and it delivers, 100% on everything. I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do I am amazed at how easily this just cuts through everything. I haven’t found a product that it doesn’t easily remove without any pain. I used to hate wearing mascara because of how difficult it was to remove, but this has made it so easy to take off, that when I do wear it I don’t panic!

There are so many other cleansers, so many other ways to oil cleanse, but I have yet to find one that makes it so easy to and that my skin loves. The pump gives a great approximation of how much product you’re using each time and makes it really easy to adjust. The pump dispenser also means that if I were to travel with this, it won’t spill. However, the bottle is too large and L’oreal don’t have a travel version of this, so I decanted some into a travel pump bottle I bought at Boots to have with me on the go always.

I would and have recommended this to people! My mother and my cousin both use this product and both love it. I’m open to other options, but I can’t see myself switching away from this anytime soon! The 150ml bottle lasts quite a while too (around 2 months with 2-3 pumps day and night), and it always seems to be on offer somewhere, so I’d shop around first.


The cleansing oil is widely available at Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Tesco as well as a host of online retailers.


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  1. gigimelano says:

    I love how the image that you posted has the ingredients broken down and analyzed. That is really cool and interesting. I would love to do that with the products that I’m gonna be trying out on my blog!!!


    1. adoredee says:

      If you click the image it should take you to the site Cosdna! It’s a really effective tool in learning more about ingredients (:


      1. gigimelano says:

        Oh my goodness, it’s that simple!!! Thank you so much! I will definitely use that little tool 🙂


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