Playlist of the Moment: Happy Thoughts

Well well well, my university journey is complete for now. Argh! Can you believe it? I feel like it was just yesterday that I had my first day of school. Now, I’ve submitted my final assignment and poof, that’s it all done. Now time to enter the real world of employment!

So now that I’m looking for a job (want to hire me?) and I’m collating all my portfolio pieces, and working on my CV, I need a happy motivational soundtrack! This is totally different from all the mellow songs I’ve been listening to, all this stuff is designed to be happy and peppy. So let’s get listening! In no particular order, here are my happy playlist tracks.

Panama Wedding – All Of The People

I think this is the most mellow song on my playlist. I play it when I’m trying to concentrate as it has this happy plodding sound to it.

Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

This song is such fluff, but it is a song about being happy with yourself which is why it’s in this playlist. Plus, I’m such a sucker for pastel & cute things.

Amerie – Higher

This is the shortest song on the playlist, but it comes out of the gate swinging. Ever since I heard her song, “1 Thing” I’ve always had a soft spot for Amerie. A Korean American Woman of Colour, she never seemed to fit in anywhere in the music industry. Her songs did moderately okay in the US and absolutely failed to make any kind of impact in Korea. She always seemed to be such a hard worker and someone who wanted it, but some how it just never seemed to fall into place for her in a big way. She’s kind of an inspiration.

Disclosure feat. Sam Smith – Latch 

Why am I working so hard? So I can build a life with the one that I love. This song reminds me of that. Plus. I’m a sucker for electro tracks like this. I can’t help but sing the chorus, “Now I’ve got you in my space, I won’t let go of youuuuu~ yeah yeah!” I actually heard this song from a friend of mine who sent me a video of her stuck in traffic singing to this song. It was so utterly hilarious, and happy.

Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne – Rather Be 

Clean Bandit is a band that I’ve always liked but never realised I liked. I’ve liked every song they’ve released, but I never really put any effort into finding out more about them till now! They’re a bunch of classically trained musicians who have tried their hands at popular music because they like the two genres. It doesn’t feel forced, or a gimmick, just a group of people bridging the gap between two things they like. I can respect that, finding a way to integrate all aspects of yourself without putting one above the other. The lyrics are all positive, and I think this is the only track on the playlist that boyfriend doesn’t hate, which is nice!

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Whatever you guys, I love Taylor Swift. I love this song as a giant, “Kiss My Ass” to all the people who love to dissect her private life and make fun of her. I love how she has fun in the video, pokes fun at herself and just has a blast. Shake it off!

2PM – 미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)

The first Korean song on this list! This is a song all about letting loose and going crazy. Plus 2PM is wicked attractive, so if you’re so inclined I’d watch the video.

Are there other songs I really should have in this playlist? Let me know!

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