Song of the Moment: Hyuna – 빨개요 (Red)

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I love this song, I love everything about the song. I love the lyrics, the MV, the live stages and how happy Hyuna is as she performs and how fun the concept is. Apparently she had some control over the concept and didn’t do a crazy diet for the comeback, just exercise. Not sure how true that is, but she does look overall a lot healthier.

So why all the monkey imagery? There’s apparently a children’s chant in Korean that goes, “Monkey butts are red, red is apple, apple is delicious, delicious is banana, banana is long.” So when Hyuna is singing, “Monkey butts are red, red is HyunA, HyunA is what” you’re supposed to fill in the next word with delicious. I think that’s so delightfully hilarious.

I rarely like her comebacks, I find she’s overly sexualised in a way that seems disingenuous. Even though this song is very sexy, she looks great, comfortable in it, and seems to be having fun with it.

There’s also a black background dancer! Whaaatt! He does the weirdest little solo dance that’s.. so awkward, but he’s there! Front and center for ten seconds and it makes me happy.

As of now, I haven’t given the rest of her mini album a real listen through. I find that I like one song she does out of every cycle and the rest seriously underwhelm me. Red is great though, by far my favourite summer kpop release so far.


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