Song of the Moment: PSY – HANGOVER feat. Snoop Dogg

When I heard that PSY’s new song would have Snoop Dog in it, I honestly thought it would be a cameo, or a one scene kind of thing. Snoop Dog in a full on collaboration with PSY? That’s just silly. But it happened, it has happened, this is real. Everyone thought Girls’ Generation would be the group to make it big in the US, but god damnit, it’s PSY. This song is the perfect mix of annoying and catchy that is perfect for a summer jam.

found at:

Don’t let the title fool you, Snoop is fully invested in this song. This isn’t some half hearted song release, they both go so ham on this, you really feel like you’re on the crazy adventure with them. The music video is just so hilarious, arrghh.

found at:

I can’t overstate just how much I love this. Oh my glab, Snoop is trying to be respectful and PSY is just like, “come here ajumma my love, come .. come close to me”.

Unfortunately, there are no purchase links just yet. But I will update once they become available.

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