Week 7: Recap


Success! I had a great week, even though I didn’t hit all my goals, I got really close with most of them. Getting to bed on time is surprisingly easy once you commit to it, and I downloaded a new sleep aid app that I’ll talk about later this week that I think has been going well.


School has been a challenge too. I have a five hour break in the middle of the day which means I have a lot of time to study, and I got a lot of work done especially now that I have study buddies with me.

I also discovered that my favourite food place around campus was run by Korean people, and when I practiced my speaking skills they were nice enough to offer service (aka discount), which was really exciting. Now that means I’m going to have to go back and have delicious food and practice my language skills. *sigh* So tough~



I also went to a ball this week! Oxford University students party hard and it was nice to spend time with my friends and dance the night away to 70s music one minute and drum and bass the next.

I’m enjoying this, because I’m enjoying the structure. I’m not going to change the goals for this next week, I want to try and 100% it. Let’s go Week 8!


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