Valentine’s Day is a day for love.

My Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter feeds was as full of people lamenting the fact they didn’t have a date, and declaring war on Valentine’s Day as people who had dates and were happily showing off their presents. The complaints are true, it is a very commercial holiday. There’s this weird pressure to perform, to be romantic and charming, so much so that the day ends up being hollow.

The reality for me is that Valentine’s Day is a day for love and there is no one right way to celebrate it. Celebrate it alone! With Family, with friends or with lovers, but to not celebrate it I think is a real shame. Buy a dozen roses and champagne or celebrate with pizza and chocolate milk! Love is all around us, it’s in all forms, and it’s a wonderful thing. I always take the day as a reason to be happy and a reminder to tell the people I care about how much I cherish them.

How did my day go? Well, we made chicken burgers a la Nandos, watched Grand Designs and he watched Pacific Rim while I napped.

So I hope that your day was full of love and happiness

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