Week 5: Recap

Sorry that this is so late! My phone died and I lent my camera to the boyfriend (still haven’t got it back, gah!) so I didn’t have a picture taking machine. But! Now I have a new phone, and even though the camera is adequate, let’s press on!


I think this week I did much better with keeping to my goals. Though I think I overestimated how much free time I’d have, turns out that the first week of school turned out to be really hectic. I had about two hours of sleep between Thursday and Friday.

credit: http://dream-act-success.tumblr.com
Yoghurt is a great start, but I don't think it's enough anymore. I can't just rely on lunch to get me through the day.

Start the day by 11am was really easy to do. I won’t be able to do it every day due to my strange schedule, but it’s a nice goalpost. Something that I can do is make sure I have a good breakfast to start the day. I don’t actually eat breakfast, I think it’s to do with my poor sleep habits. Even though I’m ready to go at 11am, I usually end up having to rush errands. I need to work on my time management! I also need to sleep before 3am. In trying to get my assignments done on time I stayed up really late, which I guess has thrown my sleep clock out of wack. =_= Any ideas?

credit: http://fitnessflirt.tumblr.com/
I've already started this, now I need to just take 30 minutes out of my day, to make it count with excercise.

30 minutes of dance practice Exercise. Pretty much didn’t happen. What was I thinking? Silly me. I substituted this for walking, taking the stairs at all times. This is really hard to do, especially when I’m tired because my train station has 70 steps to get from platform to the street. Long, windy, steep stairs!

1 hour language practice. Making sure I stayed awake on the coach, made doing this a lot easier. I doing so I even managed to make a language buddy! She is really cute and very friendly, so I’m glad to have someone else to practice Korean with. I’m not sure how I can add the Chinese to it. Maybe do one on each leg of the journey? Pimsleur is such a great help! But I find that I can only do 15 minutes at a time and then I fall asleep when I’m on transport :3

One journal. This was the most important one on my list, but I could only do it once. The first week back at school was pretty brutal and then I was away for the weekend. I’m just going to have to work harder to make this happen!

Week 5 was fun and super super busy. I had only a few hours sleep for most of the week, as it was busy with finalising groups, attending lectures and meeting new people. I thought long and hard about my career prospects thanks to Friday’s Career’s Day. We had a lot of amazing speakers come to talk about their work and I think I made a few good business connections and I know I received some amazing advice. It seems like life is just moving so fast these days (though I know time is all relative) that I can barely take time to just pause and evaluate. Which is why I love these weekly recaps so much. Even though it’s days later than I wanted, I still want to just take some time to say, “Hey, what happened last week?”.

Onward Week 6!

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