Wow, such boots. Very money. Much cute.

It has been raining non-stop this week and I realised I talked about but never updated you on my quest for waterproof shoes.  Ahhhh, such boots! I’ve had both pairs for the majority of winter and I don’t know what I would have done without them. How does one live without good shoes? I’m not sure.

The Wellies have been an absolute dream, Joules have the best customer service. I bought the wellies in the St. Pancreas store and I found a fault with them so they exchanged everything straight away. The socks I bought were too big, so they ordered them to my house first class no delivery charge. Even though everything was super pricey, that I haven’t really felt the chill of winter means the price was totally worth it. I’ve even wore the wellies to the countryside and felt minimal chill. That is pretty awesome!

But they were so pricey that I haven’t been able to walk into a shoe store this season without feeling the utmost guilt at the thought of spending any more money on footwear. Hopefully the sun doesn’t come out too quickly because I’m not sure what I’ll wear for the warm weather!

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