Boots. Omaga, boots. Let’s get some boots!

Ugh, winter means cold and rain and awful yuckness. However, the change in season means more opportunity to change my wardrobe! Yay!~ So I bought some boots!

I have been in love with these boots since last winter. They are the perfect boot for me, nothing too flashy and zip that is flush with the leather. I am a simple woman I am not into super into shoes,  stationery is my vice. But these are the first shoe that I saw and just loved.  I saw them when my friends came to visit and we walked around Oxford window shopping. Unfortunately I dilly dallied, couldn’t pick a colour and by the time I’d decided they were out of stock and I was heartbroken. Thankfully the gods of stylish boots smiled upon me and they came back in stock this year. I really didn’t think about it and I bought them straight away.

I should have thought about it. I really should have because I got home and I realised they were the wrong size only after I had worn them outside. Thankfully the ladies at the store switched it out because I’d worn it on dry land and they really didn’t look scuffed or anything like that. Phew! Crisis averted. I love love love these boots. They are warm, the heel isn’t too high but it makes a nice click clack sound when I walk. They also make everything I wear look super professional and smart! Paired with my green military style coat I look awesome in them.

But it has been raining a lot and they aren’t naturally waterproof. I have sprayed them, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing them in the heavy rain we’ve been getting and all my shoes are summer shoes! So I started looking around for some nice weatherproof boots.

I found these awesome Gore-Tex boots that are all weatherproof. Snow, rain, hail, sleet, slush this boot apparently can deal with it all. However, it is pretty expensive at £239for a pair minus shipping. As much as I like them and think they’re amazing, spending that much would screw up my budget so I had to look for a cheaper alternative. Wellies! But my god are there some pricey wellies! I asked some friends if Hunters were really all that amazing because they seem to be the only brand I could find, and some friends pointed me to some Joules wellies and they look amazing!


They have the cutest pheasants over them, which is really sweet. Apparently they are stocked in Office, so I’m going to check the sizing as they don’t have this pair and then order them online. I’m really looking forward to having dry feet again, it’s so wet outside and I can’t keep relying on only one pair of boots>_<!

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