I’m going to name my cat Cheska Binky.

I heart Made in Chelsea. I feel like this is the kind of show that I should love ironically while rolling my eyes and mocking the sheeple who fall for this ‘entertainment’. But I love it. I truly love it. Each episode is like one giant advert for trendy places in London. It’s like the Real OC or The Hills. Terrible people with money who worry about the most inane things. But god damnit, why shouldn’t they worry about relationships, and friendships just because they have an abundance of wealth? Plus, the vast majority of it is scripted, if not all of it.

Spencer is a horrible, horrible person. Horrible. Knowing his history why do girls continue to hook up with him!? Oh my god have some self respect, and Lucy did owe Louise an apology. I really have no idea if she cheated on Andy, but my god it was great to see him finally stand up to her and tell her to jog on. As much as everyone hates Phoebe right now, I love her.  You know what Fran was crying crocodile tears. She promised not to go after Alex, and then she got passed over for Binky. I mean seriously if you’re going to ditch your friend for a boy, then at least make sure he is actually going to date you because you end up looking stupid.

It’s all going to kick off next week with the Pheobe, Lucy, Jamie Spencer love web. I get that Spencer is mad at Jamie, but like, you did say you were fine with him sleeping with her mate. You can’t be secretly upset after you had a heart to heart conversation about it,  that’s just really dumb.

I just want to be like,

but then, what would the show be about?!

God, I love this show.

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