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Marvel is cashing in and cashing in fast! I should say that I love this new reboot of their film and TV franchise because it’s very rare that I can get my parents (who am I kidding, family) to watch and more importantly enjoy watching nerdy things with me.

We all knew that they were building up to The Avengers movie, what we didn’t consider is that they are building up a whole goddamn movie and TV empire of movies that don’t suck! I am actually super pumped for what is to follow because I loved The Avengers and I loved how all the movie plots converged to fuel one super awesome mega movie. I can’t see this train of awesome ending anytime soon as long as they keep the major players happy and don’t attempt to reboot The Hulk again. Seriously, he’s boring on his own, unless you’re going to do a Spiderman cross-over movie Marvel, I don’t want to freaking hear about it. They should try and keep Mark Ruffalo not just because he’s a great Hulk but because of continuity.


Here’s a handy guide to what we know about Marvel’s plans, so far it all looks really good. Your move DC comics! Bet money though that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D lasts two seasons tops, thanks to the Whedon Curse.

Firefly, I’ll never forget you.

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