The cure for boredom is self study.


Visual Design


Reimagining my resume (yes, I say resume, deal with it) got me all excited about being creative again. I haven’t played around with the Adobe Suite properly since CS3 and while most of  it looks familiar in CS6, I found myself feeling pretty vulnerable and lost. Basically needed to get my act together and relearn all my skills and hopefully develop new ones.

I tried following tutorials and picking up tips as I went along, but the more I played around the more I felt my foundation wasn’t enough. I flipped through a few books and searched around on the internet for a good ‘classroom-in-a-book’ style of learning, or maybe virtual classes. My search lead me to Adobe themselves! They have such a wealth of information available to anyone who uses their products, all for free. It makes sense, the makers would want the people using it to get the best they can from the product.

Two great resources I’ve found are:

You can pick out individual program curriculums, or there are bundled programs curriculums  all with detailed tutorials and resource materials.  The course I’m following  is called Visual Design and it combines the three programs I most use (Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop) into one easy to follow course schedule. It’s very indepth and it is expected that the course should take a year to complete.

Bet I can do it in six months.

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