2013 is the year of #birthdayswag, not because I got a lot of presents, but because I had the best birthday weekend, ever. You know when you think of a super thoughtful gift and right after you give it you think, “Oh balls” because there is no way you can ever top it? Well I hope boyfriend is thinking it, because he crushed this birthday. I really feel bad for the poor guy, he set the bar way high, wayy too high. Last year was a pretty dope present giving session too, TF2 items! Don’t smirk, TF2 is how we met, so there are all kinds of sentimental feelings attached, plus I really love my items. Who knew you could grow attached to virtual items? But I digress! What did I do for my birthday you cry?



We went to the countryside, had some Afternoon Tea and a really nice dinner.

I had a really great day, weekend even, and I’m looking forward to next year. I’m pretty sure at this rate of escalation there should be a yacht involved, no?

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