Toni & Guy : Follow Up

After the worst possible customer services I’ve ever recieved I was urged to contact their head office directly. They replied promptly and they actually followed through which was nice. I mean I’ll never go back there, at least not any time soon. But maybe I will go back at some point.

This is customer services done right. All I really wanted was an apology and that the staff involved be reminded that it is unacceptable to treat customers with anything but the utmost curtsey.

Thank you for your email regarding your recent visit to TONI&GUY, and we would like to apologise for your disappointment with the service which you received.


We endeavor to offer and exceed the highest possible standards of service throughout the TONI&GUY organisation and would welcome the opportunity to regain your goodwill. Although I do understand that you have lost some confidence. I do believe that given the opportunity, you will be more than satisfied with the high standard of hairdressing and customer care we aim to provide at all our salons all the time.


I have spoken with [redacted], Salon Manager, and she would like to add her apologies to mine. [redacted] did say it was in fact herself and the other Salon Manager [redacted] on the reception that day and under no circumstances would they of ever wanted to make you feel uncomfortable. As the training appointment had to be supervised,  [redacted] did say she would re arrange the 3pm model in order to accommodate you which you declined.


Once again, I am sorry that your experience with TONI&GUY wasn’t a pleasant one and if you ever want to book into another TONI&GUY salon as a model we would be more than happy to arrange this for you.

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