Toni & Guy

I had an appointment with Toni & Guy but then it fell through. I cancelled the appointment, tweeted about it and then I was contacted by their Twitter Customer Services. This is what I sent to them, let’s see what happens next? 

I recently tweeted about a poor experience I had at one of your stores and they referred me to your department. 
I had no idea that Toni and Guy in [redacted] did hair relaxing. I was really really excited because I hadn’t gone to a salon to get it done in about two years. All the salons in [redacted] are really expensive, so I’ve relied on family and friends to do my hair. I’ve wanted to dye my hair too, so I was looking forward to testing out the waters to see if I could finally do that. Friends and family were pretty unwilling to go that far with my hair. Afro hair works differently, but I thought, if the relaxing went well, then I could trust them with colouring. I paid the deposit, did a hair test and booked the appointment. 
My appointment was booked for May 1st 2012 at 10am. But I’d forgotten that [redacted] shuts down the main bus route into the city center for May Day. I knew I’d be late for the appointment so I texted my stylist to let her know what was happening but by the time I got there she was told she couldn’t do my hair because I was late.
I took no issue with this. I understand how appointments work. If they make an exception for me it creates a knock on effect for everyone else. What upset me was how the receptionists treated me. They didn’t care at all. They treated me like I was wasting their time and looked at me blankly when I explained the whole situation. Only after some pleading from me and the stylist did they even consider rescheduling my appointment. As I waited for her to get her book the girls at reception started talking about how it was easy for them to get into town despite the disruption and delays. They spoke loudly and made it obvious that they were talking about me. I felt uncomfortable. 
It was a horrible feeling. Getting your hair done is a very personal thing. You place a lot of trust in the person putting chemicals into your hair. I know it seems like a little thing, but when there are four people looking down at you, acting like you’re a liar and making you feel like they’re doing you this massive favour by even allowing you in the store you feel low.
I don’t care about getting my deposit back, I don’t want any kind of reimbursement because honestly they put me off ever going back to that store.  The stylist kept apologising for how hostile they were behaving. She was amazing, she should get some sort of raise, her name is [redacted]. 
You don’t treat customers this way, you don’t make them feel like they’re liars and their business is unwanted. 
Everyone I told I was getting my hair relaxed told me they’d heard a lot of bad stuff about Toni & Guy, that they’re unfriendly and rude to customers. I really wanted my experience to be positive, because I really want somewhere to go get my hair done. I know you guys can do much better than this. Your twitter team in the US and UK has been nothing but awesome.
My experience might have sucked, but I hope you guys can fix it for the next person who goes there.

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