Media Monday: Last week in Movies

A few years ago, I took the afternoon off and went to watch Insurgent in cinemas alone, and I’ve never looked back. Until then, I saw going to the movies as a strictly social activity, paired with a meal – with a group of friends or a date. Never alone. That was weird, super weird. That one afternoon in 2015, in a near empty movie theatre changed my mind forever. 

Last week, I carried on my tradition of solo movies but upped the wow factor by going to see not one, but three movies!  

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2D)

This movie took such a long time to come to Korea, everyone I know has seen it and it felt like the whole world was raving about this movie but I couldn’t get in on the joke yet! This was a great movie, Michelle Yeoh 🤩 as always delivered a phenomenal performance. Although I didn’t watch a single trailer and avoided as many spoilers as I could, I think the buzz around the movie built it up to be way more than it had ever even promised to be. I expected sci-fi because all the whispers I’d heard were about the amazing special effects (they are amazing) but instead the movie was about love, honesty and connection. 

4 / 5

Black Adam (2D)

I went to watch this movie because I love Aldis Hodge, romantically. I am on my 5th rewatch of Leverage this year and that is in no small part due to his portrayal of Hardison. In short, I love him, I will watch anything he’s in. Also Pierce Brosnan is my James Bond, so idk this movie felt right to watch. What I hadn’t allowed myself to process is that this is a DC movie, and they are so tedious omg, I fell asleep. I was so bored and tired 🥴. Everything was just so meh about this movie, ugh.

2 / 5 one point each for my faves dassit😤

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (4DX 2D)

I remember where I was when I found out Chadwick Boseman had passed away 🖤. I was at home, getting ready to go out. I read the statement from his family and I just curled up on my sofa and cried for hours. It’s hard to explain the impact the first Black Panther movie had on the world, and that had so much to do with the man who portrayed the hero. For the first time in a long time I saw Black excellence simply existing. Not explained away, not justified, not caveated, just existing. It was beautiful.   

The news of his passing was so abrupt, we as an audience, as fans of his work – had no time to process. He was just gone. Which is why this movie was so meaningful, why it was so absolutely beautiful. The movie guided us through the entire grieving process and then allowed us to look forward with hope. The minds that put this together, did his legacy justice. 

The introduction of Namor and his underwater city Talokan was just perfect. I am really enjoying this new trend of complex movie antagonists rather than just outright villains. Although many don’t like the UN subplot, it was vital in framing just exactly what Namor and Killmonger were so frightened of and why they were so willing to go to extremes to protect their people.

As someone who hasn’t really been keeping up with Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this really got me excited for what is to come!

5 / 5

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