Song of the Moment: Far East Movement x Marshmello – Freal Luv ft. Chanyeol & Tinashe


Moment of truth of has arrived.

The title of this song is such a mess. Ask yourself, how do all these people even know each other?! Do they run in the same circles?! What? I don’t know how this happened, but I love it, I really do. It has the dreamy 90’s EDM vibe that I’m digging (and is currently hot right now), kpop, featuring female artist vocals from a female artist that is really too good for this track and a message that is awesome.

This song is taken off their new album Identity and they had this to say about this in their billboard interview:

“…we decided to disconnect, work on building our production and writing skills, spend time traveling around Asia learning the music scene, the business culture and proper customs. The trips gave us some real clarity on our own identity and what we want to do next in our own lives, which gave us the inspiration to make a new album.”

That’s where I am right now, disconnecting, work on building myself up, my skills, learning to love myself so I can get some clarity on my own identity. To have an empire mind, combine and steadily rise. To have a love that keeps me shaking, so real, there’s no mistaking. 


That’d be freal.

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  1. karrwaii says:

    The worst part of this song is Chanyeol… Apart from that, I quite like it! Hyorin is apparently also on their album as well, so I can’t wait to see how her song will sound like.

    The song I’m digging at the moment is Tove Lo’s “True Disaster.” Give it a listen!

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    1. adoredee says:

      I kind of agree! At first listen I was like, “oh wow, why did you think you could do this? XD”, but after listening to it a few times I really like it! I think it was just jarring because his voice is kind of hidden under the music a little to compensate for his pronunciation not being super crisp.

      The whole album looks really interesting, with such a wide range of artists, I’m really looking forward to it! True Disaster is an amazing song! Woah, thanks for the recommendation!


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