Cheltenham and Beer Bottling

Last weekend was all kinds of fun. On Saturday we went to Cheltenham for a friend’s housewarming, ate a lot and played a lot of Mario Kart. Growing up is for suckers.


The hotel we were staying at (her flat is super tiny) had the most amazing breakfast with the most enormous tea pots I’ve ever seen. Each one contained four cups of tea. I had to pee a lot.

Sunday was beer bottling! Mr. makes homemade cider that depending on the year is either amazing or … drinkable (this year it’s amazing btw), but he’s always been really keen on beer making.  For Christmas he received a beer making kit and a few weekends ago we made beer. Dude. Dude. The process was so tedious, measure this, add this, temperature check, sanitise this and the straining. You know the saying, “Going to IKEA is the true test of any relationship?“, well they clearly haven’t ever made beer with a loved one. This weekend I supervised the beer bottling documenting the process on Snapchat (adoredeebers), here are the few pictures I managed to save.

Looking back the process wasn’t so bad, but I don’t think I’d willingly go through it again (sorry honey).  I learnt a lot about beer though, it was fun and I can’t wait to try the finished product in about two weeks!


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  1. karrwaii says:

    We used to brew beer in Norway under the kitchen table but I think the big difference between you and us was that we never bothered to bottle it.


    1. adoredee says:

      Hahahaha! He did try some before it was bottled and it was apparently good, so we’ll see after two weeks if it was worth bottling.

      He’s already talking about the next batch..


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