Interview with Amy from peepingpomeranian.

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Hallo all! Welcome to another installment of the funtime blog party! Today, I interview the lovely Amy who blogs at peepingpomeranian. I was super excited to be interviewing Amy, as her reviews are so detailed and knowledge based, plus her instagram pictures are always so cute! 


Why did you chose the name ‘peepingpomeranian’ for your blog?


I would say it had to have started with how my fiance and I talk about our dogs (coco and pancake) they both tend to ‘peep’ at us, Pancake especially, from behind corners, blankets, boxes, almost anything. I think that I wanted to blog about both dog items as well as beauty items so I knew I wanted to have Pomeranian  be a part of the name. Peep seemed like a nice addition that would describe both my dogchildren’s and my behaviors towards things.

What kind of blogger would you describe yourself as? Are you solely a beauty blogger, or do you blog about other things too?


I think I’m a beauty blogger and incumbent dog lyfe blogger. I’m not a master of formulation but due to my education understanding the research behind ingredients is something I can easily learn and share. What interests me most would have to be the claims some companies make about specific ingredients or manufacture processes. I’m interested in learning whether or not they have any sort of special value or if they’re just marketing ploys.

Does your profession impact the way you write your posts?


I would say my education, in Biology and Microbiology, definitely impacts the way I view and think about products. Since I have taken a lot of chemistry, organic chemistry, biology and physiology courses my frame of reference (for looking at a product) tends to be one that looks at mechanism of action rather than just feel, scent or experience alone. I think that those types of experiences are important to share and think about but I’m mostly curious about the science.

How long have you been blogging for and what is your favourite blogging platform?

I started my blog back in the Spring of 2015 but I didn’t really start until 2016. I’m not terribly familiar with the different platforms but I like WordPress.

What is your normal beauty routine? 

  • Cleanse with water
  • Tone
  • Apply Ascorbic acid…wait until dry
  • If going outside for extended period apply sunscreen
  • Serum/essence
  • Lotion
  • Cream
  • Makeup
  • Double cleanse
  • Tone
  • Apply BHA or AHA (usually BHA, since AHA only once a week)
  • Serum/essence
  • Lotion
  • Cream
  • Sleeping Pack
  • Lip Sleeping Pack   

If you could only use one ingredient in your skincare routine, what would it be?

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Day 10 of #abnewyearstashchallenge is oils!!! As a dry skinned person this is my jam. I tend to prefer incorporating a lot of straight up oils in my routine since I find a lot of facial and hair oils tend to be cut with silicones which does make them easier to work with but can also mess up skincare and makeup application due to ingredient interactions. Also most oils last about a year in case you are wondering! 1. 🍊#thefaceshop tangerine dry oil from @colebiancardi & @beautequeofficial collaboration to make a jeju island themed box. If you're interested in a dry oil but want to avoid silicone then this is for you! I tend to add it into face creams or lotions and it boasts a nice citrus scent. 2. 🍷#skinfood black pomegranate oil. If you want the dry oil experience and don't care about silicone, whelll this is for you! It can help loosen up any hard or thick creams and boasts a pomegranate scent. 3. #traderjoes vitamin E oil : I use this mostly for my dogs as an additive to their conditioner but I will also use this myself for hardwaxing and facial massage. 4.🌵 #traderjoes jojoba oil, The vegan version of whale oil! This works well on hair or skin applications for me. 5. 🌴Coconut oil: I'm not loyal to any particular brand. I prefer to use coconut oil in the same manner as a shrimp 🍤🍤🍤 which is all over. Many people are sensitive to coconut oil, so I do recommend patch testing face body and hair use before hand. 6. #arganoil from @physiciansformula. I really like this in my hair. Even though it's similar to olive oil, I find it lingers a bit bit longer. So if you'd like the argan oil experience, try some olive oil on your skin and hair! If you like it, you'll probably like argan oil! #oil #coconutoil #vitamineoil #natural #naturalskincare #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetic #kbeauty #instablogger #instablogging #instabeautyblogging #beautyblogger #beautyblogging #skincare #cosmetics #koreanbeautyblogger #kbblogger

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One ingredient, would have to be an oil of some type, I have dry skin so no oil would be a problem. I would probably do an oil blend of vit e, coconut and jojoba because comedogenicity ratings have nothing on the resilience of my skin. I figure the responsible response would be sunscreen, but that’s boring, let’s talk about the next most important thing which is comfort of the skin.

You have ten minutes to apply makeup! What three makeup steps would you do in that time?


BB Cream, eyeliner (which can be used for eyes and brows #thebenefitsofdarkhair) and mascara. I don’t wear lipstick  and my freckles tend to photograph like bronzer anyway so I like to focus on my eyes.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Amy as much I have. She’s always so friendly and fun in all the interactions I’ve had with her. Actually, I’m pretty stoked about this whole process. Blogging can sometimes feel like a little island, and with me actually being on an island plus the timezones I don’t really get to connect with other bloggers. This is fun fun, and I’m forever thankful to Sophie from Mapletreeblog for putting this together!

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