Week 3 Tracker – 2016

The first and second week were a bit of a bust, I didn’t really track anything. By the time I’d gotten home, I’d forget to do it and it’d just drag on and on, till nothing was written.

So! I decided to carry the chart with me to work, and I’d fill it in when I got a spare minute, either at the start of the day or during my lunch break. Doing that helped me remember to track things, but also gave me a mid-day check to keep on track of things. Awesome sauce.

Oh oh! I bought this tracker chart from Paperchase, and I usually snap them up in the sales. I didn’t see any in the last few sales (oof), so I decided to just photocopy this one as it’s the only set I have that lets me write things down. For now, I’d like to write what I’ve done for each square. Maybe later on, I’ll just want to use stickers!


As you can see, at the start of the week I did really well with my Korean Language Practice. I have some audio books that I listen to on the way to work, or as I’m getting ready for work, but from Wednesday I was in such a rush for everything I’d forget to play the tracks. This is bad, and clearly not good enough. I need to make a better effort to do something for 30 minutes a day, and no kpop doesn’t count.. I’ve got some textbooks, and I think just picking one and going through it would be great. If I can do two lessons, or one chapter a week, I think I’d get through a book faster especially as most of it should just be reinforcing so I can move on to things I don’t know.

Soooo, I forgot that you can schedule posts till about Thursday. Whoops? I write my Blog Posts in OneNote and then when I’m ready I transfer them to WordPress, but I’d forgotten that I could just throw them up and not worry about pushing the button. Now I remembered this most basic fact, Week 4 should be a lot easier to manage!

Exercise is tough, because I am innately lazy about it. It would be cute if it wasn’t so silly. The good thing about tracking, is that now I’ve started doing my physio exercises regularly, though this weekend it wasn’t so easy as I couldn’t do my bed based ones because I had a SLEEPOVER! *squeal* But, I have started doing them at my desk at work, which is good! 

Speaking of desk, now I’ve moved to the ground floor I don’t get my steps in (I used to work on the third floor), and because I now have so much more work to do, I don’t walk around for lunch as much as I used to. This means, I need to actually do some exercise before bed. I’ve set aside fifteen minutes to do an exercise from the Nike+ Training Club app. It’s the only fitness app that I’ve enjoyed using. 

Adulting, is such a nebulous concept, and I thought it would be good to do just one adult thing per day. Started off great, but I think each week I’m just going to pick a single thing to track and focus on doing that.

Not perfect, but what in life is? All in all, a pretty good start to 2016!

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