Delta Air Lines In-Flight Movie Reviews

If you’ve been following me on social media you’ll have seen many of the pictures I posted online about my amazing trip to Illinois. But before I got there, I had to travel and part of that travel were two very long plane journeys.


As much as I love sleep, I love movies, and I was determined to watch at least five movies because hey! it’s all inclusive! I chose what I thought were comedies because I didn’t want to cry in front of everyone, but I forgot that these family friendly movies always hit you in the feels, oof



About halfway through the movie, I thought, “Hey, hold on a second is that Jim Parsons and Rihanna?!” Yeah, took a while.

I’d wanted to watch this movie for the longest time, I’d seen the poster and it looked like a lot of fun! For whatever reason, I just never got to see this in the cinema and it just never seemed to be the right time to watch it. Imagine my excitement when I saw this in the selection!
Home is endearing, Home is a beautiful story and Home made me cry like a giant baby, big ugly muffled sobs. Thankfully all the other passengers around me were asleep. Man, ugh. This movie had everything. Fun, adventure and a genuinely compelling story about belonging and being comfortable with yourself. It was visually exciting to watch too! Lots of bright colours and interesting animations. It didn’t have the Dreamworks over-earnestness, and it didn’t try to be ‘cool’ it was just a really neat story with lovely characters


Get Hard

Kevin Hart is my favourite comedian. I know a lot of people don’t like him because he’s everywhere, but I am so happy for him that his hard work has paid off. He’s always been in the background of movies that I’ve found hilarious, and to have him center stage so much makes me really pleased for him. GET IT, Kevin, GET IT!

Get Hard is a movie with a premise that lambasts the everyday casual racism I’ve dealt with before as a black woman. Though I see what it’s trying to do this is a dumb movie and it’s only really good for silly laughs, which it really delivered on for me. I enjoyed it, but I probably would never watch this movie again.




The fuuuuuuutureeeeee! *waives arms around*. Basically, that’s all I knew about this movie, that this was about Disney and also the future, two things I like. I had high hopes but the movie didn’t meet them at all. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it’s just so weirdly paced plus the moral and acting was kind of hamfisted. That being said, it was visually beautiful, and the premise was an interesting one, which is why it’s a real shame that the execution was so weird. I would happily watch this again, because it was pretty to look at and not entirely awful.


Inside Out


Unf. This movie was amazing. I think this should be required viewing for every teenage girl along with Mean Girls. It describes emotion and how to manage them in a way that I really had never thought about before. There are some parts that could have make the movie end faster that they gloss through, but it leads to more chances for personal growth so I’ll give it a pass.

Seriously, just watch it, everyone should watch this movie.

… bing bong! (sobs)


Pitch Perfect 2


I went into this movie with mixed expectations. I loved the first one, and I’d heard from other friends who also loved this movie that it was awful and amazing. Hnng, which was it?!
Saying that, I pressed play hoping to love the movie, aaaaaand I enjoyed it. Was it as amazing as the first movie? No, it was not. It wasn’t as bad as critics made out though! The plot was interesting, engaging, they managed to make them the underdogs to root for in a way that made sense. However, I’m honestly not sure this was a story worth telling. It just felt like a sequel, there wasn’t anything special, interesting or endearing about this movie. The new character felt annoying, and I didn’t really get her storyline. The ending song was kinda meh, and their ‘back to the roots’ sound felt really blah.

The more I think about the movie, the more meh I am about it. The music wasn’t as good as the first one, which was a biiiiiig shame. Watch it, but like, don’t.. don’t think too much about any of it.


All in all Delta did a good job, I got to watch a ton of movies I wanted to, and I enjoyed myself while doing it. Even the movies that were duds were enjoyable, which is good because being stuck on a plane with a crappy media selection and not being able to sleep, is the worst.

What movies do you watch on flights or do you just sleep through?

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