#TravelGoals – My cousin travels all the time

 At the start of this year, I saw this video and instantly thought of my cousin. She’s not as insufferable as the lady in the video, but she does travel everywhere and I’m like how?! How do you get to go to all these amazing places all the time?! My jealousy knows no limits.

Now she’s got a blog and my jealousy has been replaced with absolute excitement for all of her amazing travels!


She’s inspired me to be more adventurous, more daring and to live more. December is always a month of reflection, and planning hope for the next year, so where 2015 was the year of being brave, maybe 2016 is the year to enjoy living to the fullest?

Safe travels beautiful ~ maybe one of these days I can travel with you ❤

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  1. Haha! I rewatched that video – gosh she is insufferable. Thanks for the support cuz! I feel I should end this comment with something insufferable like the professional nomad errr….hmmmm…..

    Gotta Love Life!


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