Wait, is there dairy in this?

Guess what? I have a lactose sensitivity and it sucks so bad.

A few months ago, I collapsed in intense agony and couldn’t get out of bed. Luckily for me, this was a week where I exclusively cooked all my food so I could rule out food poisoning. I’m a great cook! I started going through what I’d eaten and I realised for a whole week every meal I had was heavy laden with some form of dairy product. If I had pasta, I’d cover it with cheese, if I had a sandwich there would be cheese and breakfast (when I had it) was always yoghurt. I started off by ditching all cheese for a week and I felt so much better. I dropped 5lbs. Then I tried to slowly add it back into my diet to see if there was any difference, unfortunately there was. So I bought Super Lactase Enzyme Capsules to take before every dairy product, and I felt so much better.

Then a friend kindly brought over some inexpensive lactase tablets over from Germany as there is only one brand here that sells them and the markup is intense.

Pride before the fall I tell you. I started to feel like I was cured and started lapsing on the Lactase pills. Eventually I stopped taking them, opting just to see how it went. The result was just ugh, so much pain. I don’t know what I was thinking. I am at the point where I take them before every meal because I seriously forget what dairy is. I started getting the stomach cramps, and I wondered why as I’d been avoiding dairy and taking my pills when I did. I’d forgotten that frozen yoghurt counted, and so did the butter I’d been putting on my crumpets. It’s everywhere I tell you!


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  1. csaur13 says:

    Lactose intolerance super sucks! Turns out I suffer with lactose and yeast intolerance. I’ve just opted to cut out dairy almost completely, besides a bit of chocolate here and there. Bread is no more. I have pizza on the odd day when I know I have nothing else to do for 2 days so I can lie in bed and mope about the stomach cramps.

    I’m with you ❤


    1. adoredee says:

      It does really suck. Bread and cheese are my two big loves but I’ve had to cut down but I’m just so forgetful. I’ll forget cakes or biscuits have dairy in them.

      Holland and Barrett are an actual monopoly, the NHS offer no help and Boots don’t have any version of their own. Plus, I have absolutely no idea how much each pill can handle, and if you take too many pills it’s like you didn’t take any in the first place!
      You’re so right, it really is a case of, I’ll go all out when I know I can afford to take the day to myself and cry in a ball of sadness.

      Together we cry ❤


  2. 2cats says:

    I pick and choose my suffering. But generally, I try to avoid all dairy. As in, no ice cream, no milk, no nothing. Did wonders for my asthma, too.
    Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to Tokyo. Send me an email 🙂


    1. adoredee says:

      My body is overall much happier when I don’t have any dairy. My skin rejoices to the high heavens. But then I go visit my boyfriend, and he casually mentions that he’s got some cinder toffee ice-cream in the freezer and my resolve crumbles to dust. Though, in his defence, he’s always reminding me to take my pills.

      Thanks for helping me with cremorlab btw! That’s so super kind of you 🙂


  3. This would be my worst nightmare! Cheese is life 🙂 I know how easy it is to forget something when you are so used to doing it though. I forgot just one of my myriad of painkillers today and wow, did I feel it … only just realised, doh!


    1. adoredee says:

      Cheese is my love. I’ve only recently discovered the nuances and beauty of cheese. I’d only been eating mild cheddar up until a few years ago! Now I know how delicious it all is, my body is rejecting it, whyyyyy! Oh no! Forgetting a painkiller is butts. I always get cocky with medication, “Oh look! I’m fine now! I don’t need it!” stop taking then the pain sets in. Silly silly.

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      1. My doc has made it slightly easier for me to remember taking my painkillers. He gave me morphine, which luckily only needs to be taken every 12 hours. I think I can manage that one! It doesn’t help the constantly falling asleep and not finishing writing blog posts though, doh!


  4. Dairy is the niacinamide of food! And I’m mildly intolerant as well…can’t drink half a cup of milk without the tablets first. Sucks!


    1. adoredee says:

      IT IS! I’m going to make t-shirts with that on. Mannn, that sucks. I watched a program about milk and it said that really almost everyone is intolerant. The only people who really are tolerant of it are people from Northern Europe and that’s because they kept eating dairy past childhood. Most other cultures don’t consume it as much, so they don’t produce lactase the enzyme needed to break it down so they become intolerant.

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