My Cushion Foundations for Dark Skin.

Hello to everyone that found my blog from My Asian Skincare Story’s post! Welcome to my blog. I’m sure you’re interested in which cushions for dark skin I’ve tried and how they’ve worked for me so far right? Obviously!

Here’s a compilation of the cushion foundation products I have tried for dark skin. For reference, my true to skin tone shade is MAC NW45, MAC Matchmaster 8.5 but I have enough yellow undertone that MAC Matchmaster 7.5 (NC50) looks like I’m just covered in a slight shimmer.

Click the titles to take you to the full reviews! Happy reading!

  • Laneige BB Cushion in Dark. This product is a Target only exclusive in the US. Occasionally you can find it on Ebay. This was the first cushion foundation I tried. As it isn’t exactly my true to skin shade I mostly use this as a highlighter. It works much better for me that way.
  • Kiko Cosmetics CC Cushion in Neutral 90. Available wherever there is a Kiko, this cushion was a great experience to test because it lived up to what I expected a European copy to be like. The only downside for me was the shade range, it’s dark enough but it’s Neutral which means it leaned very grey/blue on my skin.



  • Lancôme Miracle Cushion 06 Beige Moka – The cushion that fit perfectly. Lancôme released a cushion foundation that wasn’t quite as good quality wise as other Korean cushions and came with an absolutely garbage puff, but despite its faults I like it a lot! Gives the coverage I want, at the colour that fits well and using a system I enjoy. Compared to the Korean cushions it really doesn’t stand up.


  • DIY Missha Magic Cushion & YSL Foundation – If in doubt, do it yourself. I’ve been lucky in finding a cushion that fits me, but I know there are so many other people of all shades who really want to try a cushion but are struggling with finding a shade that fits perfectly. This is probably their best option, all you need is a foundation that you really like, a DIY case and you’re good to go!


For now, I’ve paused my cushion foundation journey. I have three cushions that I enjoy using, and as I’m not a huge fan of makeup anymore is probably overkill and will expire before I can finish it! However, if you know of any other cushion foundations for dark skin, I’m really interested in hearing about them!

Now I’ve moved on to other cushion-able things. My Asian Skincare Story wrote a blog post about cushion blushes that has lead me to want them more than anything. I wasn’t sure they’d come up on my skin, so I bought a few E.L.F liquid blushes and motivated by BeautyandtheCat’s DIY cushion blush tutorial, I’m going to be making one myself with one of the Missha cushions and an empty Laneige refill. So hyped!

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  1. Trice says:

    I am really curious about the Kiko cushion, some part of me want to paypal you some funds and and ask if you could ship it to me. However, what if I like it? It would kind of suck because it’s not easy to get my hands on that product. *cries*

    I also want to dry a cushion blush, mainly Peripera Ah Much Blush. Maybe it’s just the cute package, because honestly I don’t know how to wear blush. lol

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    1. adoredee says:

      If you want it, I’m right by Kiko at the moment and I’m posting some stuff off today. Let me know, I got you.

      I really don’t know how to wear blush either. But I wants it too. Lol!

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      1. Trice says:

        Okay I will take you up on your offer. 🙂
        With blush I just try to avoid the clown cheeks. My cheeks are big too.


    2. Fari says:

      Girl kiko on sale like 5.70£ I got mine on neutral 60 I m nc40. The warmer colours defo run warmer and were too dark for me. But I would say now is a good time to try. And they defo have warmer shades. It’s sheer but I liked it. Very quick. I like the fact even if it’s crap just stick own stuff in there. Hope this helped x

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      1. adoredee says:

        I sent her some but it was too light 😢😢


  2. Thanks for this, I’ve been wanting the laniege but decided to try diy my own mixing foundation and other skin creams into the korean cushions (which of course are light) until they match my skin tone. I have done this with some brand i don’t know but it was only $4 on ebay. It matches very well, but I like you haven’t felt like wearing much makeup, but I think I will start when it get’s warmer. I also have a magic cushion from tony moly (i think) and etude house that I haven’t opened yet. I wanted to test the diy on the cheap one first in case it didn’t work well.

    I think the 1 I made thus far is just less transfer proof than the original formula was, because I tried it as it was (just inside my house since it’s way too pale) and it seemed quite transfer proof. But now that I’ve added my foundation and face cream, it seems to transfer a little, so I’m a little worried about my clothes, particularly big sweaters and scarves.

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  3. angelanrenee says:

    Thanks for linking to our blog, and good luck with the cushion blush! I’ve never tried the E.L.F. liquid blushes but am very curious to hear how they do in a cushion. –Angela

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