Week 4: Recap

Gah! It was such a poor effort on my part. I have an excuse though! I had two assignments due on Thursday and I pretty much solely focused on that. 


Which is why there are so many crosses and so few ticks. The good news is that with all my 5am late nights I managed to get my papers done and submitted on time. I had a really wonderful time in London with my mother doing fun shopping and wondering around things. I even found the gel liner pen that I’ve been looking for! I’ve used it only once, (check instagram for pictures) and I really like it. When I have more time I’ll write a proper review. But I don’t wear makeup that often, so ehh, I’m not sure when that’ll be!

Still, assignments or not, I set goals for myself and I didn’t reach them. So I’ve decided to become militant with myself. I have study plans for both languages for the next three months and if I can’t stick to it, then i’m giving away all my textbooks to charity shops in the hopes that someone else can make better use of them.

Showering before 10am was supposed to incentivise me to get up and be ready for the day by at least 11am because I never really consider my day started unless I’ve had a shower and gotten dressed. However, I started getting sneaking. Knowing I’d be up studying late, I’d shower before bed and count that as a 10:30am before shower win. Shame on me! So I’m going to change it to be more reflective of my actual goal, to be up and ready for the day.

30 minutes of exercise wasn’t so bad. I broke it up into chunks in the day where I’d get up and dance or do stretches or crunches for a few minutes then go back to what I was doing. But now school is starting again, I can’t really keep it up so I need something more focused. Running in the morning is probably the best thing, but I hate it so why do something you hate? Instead, I’m going to start learning dance routines. I love to dance and I’m happy when I do it, so that’s a start eh? Probably going to keep the time the same and still do my move around thing when I can.

Week 4 all done! I’m looking forward to Week 5!

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