The Changes. They’re coming.

I’ve had a lot of  usernames online, a new one for each website I’m on, and sometimes even multiple a site. When I bought the domain name I was heavily invested in the TF2 comptetive community and I was known as Khaleesi. As time has gone on, and as my involvement waned in the community, I felt disconnected from the nickname. The more I blogged about non-gaming things as Khaleesi/Khareesi the more uncomfortable I felt because I didn’t feel like that person anymore.  So I felt like it was time for a change!

Get it? Time, watch, hehehe.

By change, I mean revert back to the username that I’ve been using for years hence the and make my gaming blog’s domain. So, that’s what’s happening right now. I’m really swamped with schoolwork and I’m a little stressed out with that. But I’m working out a schedule for posting, and whatnot so I’m pretty excited about that.

2014, so pumped!

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