Brown Eyed Girls – Black Box (2013)


BEG have always been a raunchy group and I dismissed them for always playing on their sexuality. There’s nothing wrong with playing up your sexuality, but when that’s all I’m constantly bombarded with it feels a little meh. Besides their debut track Abracadabra I haven’t listened to any of their songs, so I’m coming at this album from the ears of a fresh fan.

Track List:

01. After club

Slappa the bass. This song eases you into the album by being smooth and funky. The record sound at the beginning of the song was a nice touch, though I’m still on the fence about the rapping. This would go well with the concept Secret had with ‘Love is Move’.

02. 날아갈래

I don’t know them enough to distinguish their voices but whoever sang first totally grabbed my attention. Oh my god, enough with the rapping. Can Miryo not sing so they have to add a rap part to make her feel included? Because this song in no way needed a rap break, at all. Their sweet voices along with the keys and the bass are more than enough to carry this song.


Title track! I really loved the Kill Bill movies, so I wondered what they would do with the concept? Would they just use outfits or would they try and retell the whole story? They retold the story in parts for the video, I was not expecting that at all, but it worked really well! This song has the same charm as Abracadabra did when I first heard it. It’s a little sultry and very clearly a sexy pop song. The lyrics aren’t all that suggestive neither are the dance moves but it is a song that calls for a lost of slow deliberate movements and maybe some light thrusting. What? It’s a sexy song!

04. Boy

Hold the phone, I take it all back, Kill Bill wasn’t sexy, this is sexy. Oh man, this song is a big jazz number that hits you in the face and tells you to sit up and pay attention. It reminds me of a jazz version of Now by Fin.K.L, especially, Miryo’s part where she sings, “through my body“.

05. Satisfaction

Another upbeat song, I’m getting the feeling that this is a happy album. The drums are really loud in this song, and it is not a negative thing, you find yourself clapping along with them while wiggling in your seat. Not sure if I’m a fan of the abrupt  faded ending. It just sort of fades away like the musicians were confused about when the song was ending. But other than that, a fun dance-y song.

06. Mystery Survivor

The first thirty seconds of this song confused me. It went from sounding like a workout tape, to sounding like the soundtrack to a Wipeout game, then this big R’n’B kick came out of nowhere. It’s got elements of Bollywood alongside the more traditional club sounds. I really like this song! It is always nice to see producers experiment with sounds and mix up the genre and feel a little. But what is up with the way they end songs?

07. 거짓말이야

Slappa the bass. A really nice electro-funk song, I could happily listen to this song while studying as it fades into the background and allows you to let your mind wander. That isn’t to say it is a bad song! After all the upbeat hype tracks it is nice to have a relatively mellow song.

08. 레시피

This song is so similar to the one before that it almost feels like a part two. Miryo features heavily, and this is the only time I can say that her ‘rapping’ isn’t obnoxious, it works well with this song as it feels like she is the artist and the other girls are the background singers. Her part doesn’t feel shoehorned, it is the song.

09. Good fellas 

Ahh, a ballad! Finally I can hear their voices and they can be just as sweet as they can be sultry and sexy. I really like this song, their voices are full of emotion and sincerity.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the album, like I said before I always expected BEG to be super raunchy all the times, it is nice to be proven wrong. There is a lot of funk and one song where the producer experimented which was awesome. Their title track is clearly the strongest song in the album but there really isn’t a weak link that drags it all down which is surprising! Right now my, favourites are Kill Bill, Boy and Satisfaction, but that might just be because I’m in such a happy upbeat mood! On the whole the album is pretty solid, it’s just a shame that it was released at the same time as f(x)’s Pink Tape. That album just blew everyone away (including me) that BEG’s offering was left a little as an afterthought.

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