Geocaching is a lot of fun.



On Saturday Hugh decided to take me geocaching for the first time ever. I have to admit the idea sounded a bit boring, but I persevered because I’m such a trooper. Most of the day was spent walking around in the countryside looking at nature and it was awesome. It is rare that we spend so much time outside aimlessly doing nothing as we usually have ‘stuff’ we need to be getting on with.

Finding the bloody thing was hard. Really really hard. Hugh had this GPS tracker, which I can’t really say was super accurate. We wandered around a lot trying to find out where it was hidden, but we didn’t really start from where the directions told us to so that made it harder to track. But, with the help of a few clues and a picture someone uploaded we managed to track it down. That final, ‘A-Ha!’ moment made it all really worth all the random bug bites, heat and the hop-skips over animal poop. Next time (weather permitting), we’re going to take snacks and have a proper picnic. I look forward to that.

Then for dinner we decided to make pizza from scratch! Aside from proofing the dough when we didn’t need to, the pizza making went really well. Next time, we’ll use much less of everything and roll the dough out thinner, because the dough ended up being a bit too soggy. Still super tasty!

Pizza!? You bettcha!


As always, you can find more pictures in the Flickr album by clicking the shiny pink button!


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  1. Day = sounds amazing. I actually also thoroughly enjoy a good geocache hunt! But it’s finding people that want to do it with you is the problem! Now I need pizza.


    1. Khareesi says:

      Yes! I’d always declined when asked, now I see what I was missing!

      Hahaha, as you should, pizza is the perfect food! Making it was surprisingly easy, we just were not in anyway organised. Making the dough before the sauce, proofing the no-proof-dough on the hot oven … ahh. Still it tasted good, because pizza.


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