The Samsung Galaxy Mega. Bigger is better.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note, and while some people (haters) have said the phone is way too big, I love it. It’s big enough for me to type with two hands, watch videos without too much eye strain and overall it’s pretty nifty. It is a bit dated now, the Note II is out, lots of new features have been added and my Note feels a little slow. Plus, I want the new shiny.

The Note II has been out for a while and part of the reason I haven’t upgraded is because I don’t really like how it looks. The Note III has been rumoured, so I thought I’d wait till that came out before making an kind of choice. Then I saw this! The Samsung Galaxy Mega, it seems like a test of the market, it’s not a flagship, so the specs aren’t super high.. How big can they go before big is too big?

I’d like to see the phone in person, to see what the resolution looks like in my hand.


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