I Give It a Year (2013). Very English.



There will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to encounter spoilers, then you probably shouldn’t read any of this.

If you don’t understand or appreciate British (English) Humour then you should probably stay clear of this movie. I have no idea why I thought this would be a suitable watch for my mother and I, it wasn’t.

Nat and Josh are a couple who married the first suitable person they came across  after only seven months of knowing each other and you see from the very beginning  of the movie that the couple barely know each other.  Nat, is an uptight Advertising Executive, while Josh is more of  a free spirit, a writer with a job at a magazine. Their families and friends know it’s a bad match, but in the typical British fashion everyone keeps their mouths shuts because it’s none of their business.

What I liked best about this film is that you see the couple really try to make it work. They go to counselling, they talk about it with trusted friends, but ultimately separately they come to the realisation that they aren’t right for each other. That kind of threw me a little bit, I thought the movie was building up to a big happy ending with them realising that they just needed to dig deeper for love.  So it was a bit refreshing to see the writers go for the more realistic divorce ending. Speaking as someone who’s only been an observer to the institution of marriage,  the ones I’ve seen work , take a lot of work. It isn’t an easy thing, it’s a daily effort to stay with someone, through their annoying habits and quirks. One of the characters in the movie talks about how much she hates her husband, but her love for him is ultimately what keeps them together. She agrees that they probably could find better partners, but the choice they’ve made is the choice they’re happy with, because it’s what they really want.

For me I guess the moral of the story is that in life you make mistakes sometimes you promise things you can’t fulfill and that is okay. Life is too short to force yourself to live a lie, and trying your best to make something work is all anyone can ask of you. Also, don’t marry someone after seven months if you’re not absolutely sure because that is pretty dumb.

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