Dim Sum & Sorbet with Lucy!

Lucy & I hung out last week Wednesday and it was pretty fun because I got to try some authentic (-ish) Chinese food. It wasn’t bad, it was just totally different to food I’d eaten before. Plus, I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures there was a lot of it, so I think that overwhelmed me a little bit.

We went to a Dim Sum place and she ordered a whole bunch of food, three types of meat, fried sticky rice, custard buns, lots of rice! Where I come from rice is the main dish, but at our meal rice was just one of many dishes, which totally threw me and I ate more rice than I should have.

We walked around for a bit then we went to go get ice cream, I got two kinds of sorbet, raspberry and … er, I forget the other flavour but they worked well together.

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