Not the Bees!



Hugh and I were on our way to the park for the day and we were going to pick up some sandwiches at the closest sandwich shop, turns out bees had nested there and were having none of it. I felt pretty bad for the shop owners, a Public Holiday, sunny day and then freaking bees attack?! Well, the bees were super friendly and non stingy, but they had to close the store because the hive was swarming so close to the door. I was surprised by how many customers braved the bees just to get to the door! Lots of disappointed customers.

Plus side! The beekeeper is a regular and offered to come and rehouse the bees, so I guess it wasn’t a total bust.

Hugh was way more adventurous than I was, I hung back, he was all super gungho about getting up close and personal with the bees, while I was freaking out that he only had flip flops on. The pictures are super pretty though, but I’m not sure if it was worth the mini heart attack I had over the whole event!

He took a lot of pictures and videos, you can find more pictures on my Flickr here.

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