You are more beautiful than you think.


Dove have had a lot of hit and misses when it comes to their advertising campaigns.  They challenged societies idea of beauty with their, ‘Real Women‘ campaign and then got a lot attention for retouching some of their adverts. Whoops. Then they released a Photoshop action which was supposed to undo all the retouching, but it was all a hoax. Despite their best intentions none of their advertising messages has convinced me to buy one Dove product. I do if they are on special promotion and cheaper than their counterparts but for the most part their erratic campaigns have left me unexcited about the brand.

Today I saw this commercial and I just sat at my computer sobbing into my keyboard. I guess this is the emotional response they have been trying to get out of me all this time. It’s a really powerful piece and though I worry that they’ve moved so far away from selling products to creating social pieces that inspire conversation, I think what they’re doing is great. I appearance is something I struggle with, every time I look in the mirror is a toss up between me being overly critical, sad or happy with my appearance. Ugh. So yes, this advert touched something very fragile in myself that I think almost every woman identified with.

Will it make me more likely to buy Dove products? Probably not, but it will make me feel a little pensive whenever I think about it. Though I’m not sure if that’s their goal. I imagine that their sales figures have been boosted by this ‘Real Woman’ campaign, that or their so deep in they don’t know how to get out.

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