The Beach


I don’t have a fear of water, I actually think the beach is quite beautiful. I’m just really practical about it. I know the sand will get on my nerves and anywhere it possibly can. The sea breeze will be too much, and ugh is that salt in the air?!

Driving on the coastline I couldn’t help myself, I took as many pictures as I could. I really didn’t know that African people went to the beach for recreational activities. I didn’t. Born in Nigeria, a country with a coast I can count two occasions when we went to the beach. Neither time did we play or get anywhere near the ocean. I don’t remember many people around either, so I guess I just assumed my experiences were normal.

I was very wrong. During the week the beaches are lightly populated, but during the weekends, especially at night they come alive with people just being together and having a good time.

Maybe I’ll go to the beach before I leave.

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