Life in Ghana so far


Life is going pretty well. I felt I should write something now that my internet is pretty okay.

Week one is over! It was a pretty intense week, I felt all sorts of homesick and hand a few panic attacks but I think know I’m okay now. I’m finally getting into the swing of life here and I’m surprised that I found it as hard as I did. I watched a lot of E! Network, drank African Fanta and felt pretty low.

But I started to create a routine, my mother took me out more and I really feel a lot better about my time here.

I’ve started driving lessons, and in about four weeks I should have my license! I’m excited about that.

There’s a lot I want to talk about, but I think I’ll have to do a series of posts when I get back because I don’t think my internet can handle me uploading album sets.

I really do miss talking to you guys super frequently. Five more weeks to go right?

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  1. csaur says:

    You’re getting a licence? 😀 Will it be valid in the UK?


    1. Khareesi says:

      Hopefully I can convert it to an international license and drive in England. Even if I can’t, I’ll have enough confidence to take the test in England with maybe only two refresher lessons.

      They’re going pretty well to be honest! I got up to fourth gear today :3


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