Can we go back?

Chronologically LOST

(I’m probably going to say something that’s a spoiler. If I do, I’m sorry, but it’s been so many years now and it really is your own fault. It’s like ruining the end of Titanic at this point. SPOILER: The ship sinks.)

When LOST ended I was angry. I was angry at the ending, and I was angry because I felt the writers had jipped me. I’d spent countless hours watching and re watching episodes, participating in speculations and it felt like a giant waste of my time. I mean they all go to some kind of happy place? Come on!

This post back in 2010 summarised just how I felt about LOST. Bitter. Though, I will say the feeling of community that I felt for that show really hasn’t been matched by another and despite the way it all ended I still love LOST. It will always have a special place in my TV watching heart.

For the most part I let the rage go. I moved on.

But Mike Maloney wants us to go back, and this time it’s all in chronological order. LOST was famous for it’s flashbacks, flashforwards,  unanswered and half answered questions that were tricky and often difficult to follow. Maybe watching it all in linear time order will help sate the rage that still bubbles in me when I think of the ending? I doubt it. But it would be nice to relive the memories with friends again. I really did love the journey that LOST took us on and nothing has had that same effect since.

We have to go back guys. We should have never left.



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