When I got the Samsung Galaxy Note I was pretty thrilled, it had everything I needed in the phone and while everyone was debating whether or not the screen size was an issue, to me it was simply perfect.

Even when the Galaxy Note II arrived in stores I wasn’t phased, I love my first gen phone. It’s still in pretty good condition, and I’m still learning new things about it. I prefer the size, the weight and it’s shape to the Note II.


There was one thing that really annoyed me though. It wasn’t Jelly Bean, Multi-View or Project Butter, no, the one thing that sways my love for my phone is the updated S-Planner.

Look at it! It’s so cute! You can draw on the calendar! Back when I used to be a cave-woman and use a paper calendar I used to draw all over it and put stickers everywhere depending on my mood that day or what I had planned. Knowing that I couldn’t do that on mine but that functionality was locked to the new model really bugged me. However, it wasn’t worth upgrading just for one feature.

It looks that my patience has paid off because Samsung has announced plans to bring the new update to the first Galaxy Note in an update called the Premium Suite. The name threw a lot of people because that’s what the called the last update (Ice Cream Sandwich), but the microsite shows that they’re talking about a whole new bag of awesome! Infuriatingly, they haven’t given a specific date, but there are a ton of stable builds of the update floating around the internet so that and this announcement gives me hope that it’ll soon!

I’m going to write all over that planner, it’s going to be so awesome.

Project Butter and Google Now also look pretty cool, mostly the Planner though.

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