I hate the snow.

Have I said this before? I hate the snow because in this country everyone acts like the snow is this mystical thing that’s never happened before and no-one reacts to it on time. No-one wants to admit that clearing it is their responsibility, so it never gets cleared. Then people get hurt, and no-one accepts any blame.

Today while walking to the bus stop I saw an old man fall. Don’t laugh, it was horrible. I found out later that he’s 91 and basically frail as all get out.

It was really sad to see him slip up on the melted snow. It was sadder to see him struggle to try and get up. He couldn’t. I couldn’t help him up either, so some nice men who saw him fall too helped him up. 

He was out to get his morning paper, only two minutes away from his home and despite his fall he was very determined to continue to do so. I walked him to the post-office then I walked him home, then I called an ambulance. This part still makes me feel a little ill, I left him alone. I had to, if I hadn’t I would have been late for work. Does that make me a bad person? For not at least waiting for the emergency services to come? I feel like I should have at least stayed till they showed up, to make sure he was okay. I know they arrived because I saw them pull up as my bus drove away, but I still feel guilty.

Part of me wants to go and check up on him, but I’m not sure if that would be over stepping my boundaries, we are strangers after all.

I really hope he’s okay.

I really hate the snow.  

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