Cosmoshit, or whatever.

When I first saw the trailer for Think Like a Man, I dismissed it as ‘Cosmoshit’. You know, bad advice masquerading as good advice, that promises women the opportunity to unlock the secrets of the male mind. I rolled my eyes at the premise of the whole thing, because see, I was enlightened. I bought into the whole He’s Just Not into You shictick and I wasn’t going to get sucked into another feel good faux empowering thing.

Except I am. 

I watched the movie and I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe in sections. It was that good. So I downloaded the book, and I am enthralled. It’s really opening my eyes and forcing me to ask questions that I really didn’t want to. I was already on this track, but the book is providing a gentle nudge in the right direction.

As my cousin once said to me, “Don’t chew what you don’t want to swallow”. How can I demand from someone what I’m not willing to give. 

Relationships are hard, they’re confusing, they’re messy and when both parties are speaking two different languages, it can be a downright upsetting. But I guess the main thing isn’t to focus on the lack of understanding, but look at the positive, that there is a desire for dialogue. I guess I’m using this book as my translator.

Say what you will for cosmoshit, when taken in small doses it’s not so bad. 

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