I’m really upset.

My phone has been acting pretty buggy, so Orange sent me out a new one. Unfortunately for me, it arrived at the later end of the delivery window, meaning I was in a big rush getting ready for work.


I took out everything but the micro SD card. I’m in bits, I can’t even begin to imagine the memories that I’ve lost. Pictures of my god children, of the boyfriend, of my family, of just.. random shit. I moved everything that was saved on the phone memory to the card, songs, drawings I’d been working on. Scans of text books (that I thankfully still have). 

I just. Gah. I’m really upset. I called Orange and the rep was super nice, credited my account with some money to help pay for an SD card, but basically said the old was lost and to just forget it.

I was already pretty bummed about losing all my text messages, now this? =_=

I don’t even know what kind of SD card to get as a replacement. If you have any ideas of what I should get just let me know. I made a post in r/android, hopefully they’re kind and offer some suggestions.

Updating to ICS, hopefully it’s done before I have to leave for work.

sigh. Today, is such a bummer.

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