Clinique 3 Step Method

I have combination skin and it is really annoying. I’ve used Nutrogena’s pink grapefruit scrub for a while now and it’s been great, except now it isn’t working.

I follow a pretty strict facial routine morning and night, don’t wear a lot of makeup, but still my skin is oily! I thought maybe makeup might help (madness I kbow), but I’ve literally been to all the counters, powders, minerals and creams nothing seems to be working. The primer was good at first, but then as the weather got warmer the shine became noticeable. Le. Sigh.

I’m pretty sure it’s the base product, I don’t think it’s as effective anymore. I had a long talk with the lady at the Clinique counter and she recommended this set. It’s a one month set and if it does work the full six month set is roughly £70, so not overly expensive. I really hope it works because I’m just really not trying to look like the greasy friend in all the pictures this summer.

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