Eurovison Song Contest 2012

Every year I have little to no interest in the Eurovision Song Contest and every year I get suckered into watching it. This years winner was an awesome entry by Sweden and when I heard it I fell in love

This years entry had less cheese which was pretty cool. But the one thing I noticed was the increase in front men and women. You have to sing live in Eurovision, and the countries with front people have the real singer on the stage behind all the theatrics. It’s pretty pathetic. It isn’t a beauty contest, it’s a song contest. Granted there’s a lot of politics involved in the voting but ultimately it’s about the song and the singers. What kind of message is, “Hey, you sing pretty well, but you’re pretty ugly stand in the shadows..” sending to the younger generation?

FEH, listen to this song, because it’s awesome! Rightfully deserved the win 🙂

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