I’m not entirely sure what’s happened. I’ve started aiming to be in bed by 11pm-midnight, asleep by latest 1am. It’s been working-ish bar a few late night distractions. 

Allowing myself about 7 hours sleep this was supposed to be an awesome way to get myself into a more reasonable sleep/wake routine. I hate coming home and taking naps after work, I end up waking at 5am and then my day is thrown out of balance.

This week I’ve been waking up earlier than my alarm but going back to sleep because I think I need more sleep, this is false.

With my old job, I had so few contracted hours I slept as much as I wanted and never paid attention to how many hours I actually needed. Super lame right? 

I think I only really need six hours a night to be fully functional, any more and I think I’ll just experience what I have been these past two days extreme tiredness.

WELL, I only work three hours today, so I should be okay.  

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