I seem to post a ton of pictures of my nails and I never really discuss my nail colour, care etc. That’s because I’m super sloppy with my nails and I’m fickle with colours.

Since my stay in Seoul where makeup was stupid cheap, I have a ton of colours that I played with. The majority have dried out or gotten sticky or are empty which made me sad. I remember though while I was out there searching for the perfect nude colour and never really being able to find it. I remember this nude colour I had that was Bourjois Paris, but when I tried the shade it wasn’t like I remembered. I thought I’d never find the perfect nude till I saw a friend’s nails she pointed me to No 7.

And what was the colour’s name? ‘So Simple’ I actually had to giggle out loud. You can’t tell from the picture but I’m almost out of the colour and it’s £7 per bottle. Honestly, compared to others it really isn’t that expensive and Boots regularly do a promotion where they give a £5 No7 voucher with certain priced purchases, I’ve collected four and used three on these polishes. £6 for three? Total bargain

The brush is almost like a scoop and gives an even spread when applying. I’m pretty derpy when it comes to nail stuff but this is so easy to use and the colour lasts for significantly longer than other brands I’ve used and I only use one coat.

I don’t really do makeup-y girlie stuff a lot, so when I do get my nails done I feel really pretty and happy. I don’t really like to go to a salon to do it, I’d rather do it at home, no matter how busted they come out looking. It’s like a relaxing hot bath to me. I put music on, clear my head and paint my nails, like a detox.

I guess that’s why I take so many pictures of my hands. 

Though part of me wishes I could make cute designs like these girls do with their nails! meep :3

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