The five, wait no six kpop albums I’ll be buying in Korea

Only six? I have so much self-control. I’m absolutely going to stick to this, honest! 

If you’re thinking of the small crystal CD cases of your youth, think again. Kpop albums are all about the aesthetic, the visual, the experience… the heft. The don’t just come with a CD, there’s at a minimum a photobook and a photocard. Now they come with all sorts of additional freebies that go beyond the pre-order or gifts with purchases. Polaroids, handwritten (scans) notes, standies.. and now a new thing is film strips.  Very few people will actually listen to the music in the CD, because I mean Spotify is a thing that exists and we’re in the year 2019. What you’re buying is not access to music, but a keepsake of a moment in time that is important to you. If you’re unfamiliar, search, “kpop album unboxing” and enter a world of wonder and amazement.

So without further ado, here are the five, six kpop albums I’ll be buying this year when I visit Korea. 

f(x) – Pink Tape 

I have truly loved this album for a long time. The sad part is that the last time I was in Korea I had the chance to buy it and I didn’t. Look at it! It’s an old school VHS!! I may not be able to get this album as it came out in 2013 so who knows if there’s even any stock for sale? If there is, I’ll snag it, but honestly I’m not really holding my breath.

EXO – This is War & EXO – Love Shot 

I really only buy EXO repackages. I always find they snap harder. It’s weird because after Lay stopped promoting with them I really thought I couldn’t get into EXO? But they’ve put out bop after bop after bop and so I find myself missing these two albums from my shelf. Power & Love Shot are honestly such iconic songs for me that I’m not really that bothered about the album or who I get in the photocard, I’d just like to own them.  

NCT127 – Regulate

NCT taught me that I really need to apply the, “wait for the repackage” philosophy I have with EXO to NCT. I already own Regular-Irregular.. but I wish I’d waited for the repackage. I’m getting the Taeil cover because Taeil is my BOY.  I thought I’d be a casual fan of NCT, but after going to their concert with a friend I realised that I am in fact a fan. Their music is fun and they’re adorable dorks. I stan. 

BTS – You Never Walk Alone (Pink/Right Version)

Wow surprise yet another repackage! This is the part I wanted to tell you that this album had the song that made me really start to take notice of BTS, that while sure it wasn’t till I went to their concert that I became ARMY but that this album was the one that I really connected with (without realising) before the LYS era. I wanted to be calm, to be cool, to talk about the music .. but I mean LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES OF MIN YOONGI?? –hyperventilates– I must acquire this photobook post haste.

SEVENTEEN – You Made My Dawn (Eternal Sunshine version)

If there ever was a group that has yet to fail me, it’s Seventeen. This mini album is just bop after bop after bop after bop. You Make My Day their 5th mini was so great and I didn’t think could be topped, yet here we are?

SEVENTEEN are a group that I’m really only into for the music because they BLOW ME AWAY.  I’ve never seen such coordination, such polish and such.. what even are words?? I hope I can find their lightstick and if I’m being really honest with you dear reader, there is a really high chance that I’ll buy their second album too. Shh, don’t tell anyone. I just really like their music! 

Any albums you think really should be on this list? Also got bets on how many albums I actually will come back with? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. karwaii says:

    DIA’s YOLO is a seminal k-pop classic.


    1. adoredee says:

      Stop trying to make DIA happen. It’s not going to happen.


  2. Swanna says:

    Pink Tape is also on my list!! I often buy albums resold in the community but it seems to be rare even there! I also want Red Light! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adoredee says:

      YES! It seems so rare, which is why I’m really kicking myself. I bought Luna’s mini album instead which I don’t regret one bit, but I am sad I didn’t get them both. Red Light is SO goood. 4 Walls is also such a banger. I’m sad they aren’t active anymore because their releases were s o l i d.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tiana Khalia says:

    I never understand the kpop album hype until I actually bought one. It truly is a whole package and an experience


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