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This review is super late because all the pictures I took of me wearing these masks are now in a corrupted memory card, along with some of my  favourite pictures from my vacation to France. *deep sigh* sorry team ❤

Skincare is not a beauty category that we spend a lot of time thinking about in the UK, so I’m not surprised that companies have been slow to set up shop for Asian Beauty products. Boots literally has a category for ‘expert’ skincare and it’s just French brands. That’s the most adventurous we get here! My friends think I’m absolutely cocopuffs for buying and testing products from so far away and I’ve been looking for a good UK based company to take the ‘strangeness’ out of it for them. So I was really glad when Sheet Mask Squad reached out to me and offered me a box to review!

Sheet Mask Squad sent me their ILLI box, in order for me to evaluate their service. All my thoughts and opinions are my own, you can read more about my sponsorship policy here



Why I said yes

I am not a fan of random beauty boxes, my skin sensitivities are weird and I’d rather not just take risks unnessarily with my skin or wallet. Thankfully, random boxes aren’t the only things they sell.

  • They have a solid selection of known brands.
Some I know, some I don't. Pretty solid list to me!
Some I know, some I don’t. Pretty solid list to me!

I love my roadshop, but they’re cheap masks, I usually buy enough that I have always two or three of my favourites in my stash. There’s rarely a need for me to overnight some Etude House masks, they’re not that special. What are interesting are other non well known road shop brands. The ones that are a bit harder to get a hold of in the UK, like ILLI, Papa Recipe and Whamisa. Those are a bit nicer to use, those I would pay a bit more to get to me a bit quicker and I feel a lot more confident paying that little bit more for those kinds of masks. But to do that, you need somewhere reputable!

  • They have full ingredients lists.

Honestly, it’s better to have no ingredients lists than half an ingredients list, because then at least you know nothing than think a product is safe only to find out it isn’t. 

“Yeah for full ingredient lists! We thought that would be a really important thing to include because we understand the frustration many customers have when it comes to reading Korean (and Japanese and Chinese), plus consumers are becoming more and more ingredient savvy nowadays – especially fellow AB-ers. We even have a bunch of products waiting to be put online but we won’t until a full ingredient list has been translated into English.

Ling Chan (Founder)

Right you are Ling, right you are.

  • There is more than one way to fill up your cart.
Gee whiz, so many options!
Gee whiz, so many options!

Want a random box? Want to know what’s in the box? Make your own box, or just buy the single mask? All those options exist and I’m glad that we finally get a store in the UK that lets you do all those things, and has a good selection of products to make it worthwhile.

  • Pretty reasonable shipping prices.

Royal Mail is very reasonable, you can send a shoe box sized parcel that weighs up to 2KG for £2.85. If you’re charging more than that to ship a mask? I can’t do business with you. So I was pleased that they have free shipping over £25, and even their courier shipping is never over £2.70. dope.

What’s in the box?!


I chose the ILLI box because I’ve always been interested in the brand, but never had the opportunity to try it out. Plus, random boxes really are not for me.  As they also do a Mask of the Month, I received a Whamisa mask along with some sample freebies. 

Everything was packed really neatly, wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a flat pack box that fit really neatly through my post box flap. I really appreciated that one there wasn’t a lot of fuss packaging and two it could be posted through my door. I am not usually at home when the post comes, and I live so far away from the depot so knowing my parcel is safe is A++ in my books.

ILLI are an amazing brand, and I really see why they’re so hyped on SNS!

  • Real Cotton Pumpkin Lifting Mask
  • Ceramide Intensive Moisture Mask

If you have a big face like mine, ILLI masks are for you! Check out the fit?! Sure they make me look like a plastic surgery patient, but the mask hugs all the corners of my face, has just enough serum that I feel hydrated and not suffocated. 

I can’t say that I saw much more than hydration, but at this price point, and the level of fit? Yeah, I’d buy more for sure.

  • Ginseng Firming Mask

Oh man, I was anticipating this mask so much, but it was an instant miss. As soon as I put it on my face, I took it off and threw it off. The smell was not pleasant, and the way it fit was incredibly uncomfortable for me. No thank you. Which was a shame, but pfft.


In short, I have yet to find another UK based retailer that I felt comfortable buying AB from that wasn’t Amazon UK. My experience with them as a consumer, as a blogger has all been really good, and I feel comfortable sending my friends and family their way. 

I get a lot of emails from brands/retailers and they are all usually quite pushy with what they want, what really made me say yes to Sheet Mask Squad was their approach, honest, transparent and they were seriously trying to make sure I had the best experience. When I asked for a cheaper box than they were offering, and asked if they could leave out one of the masks I couldn’t use (yay ingredient lists making sure I knew what I was buying) I received this response,

“.. with the illi box I’ll replace the Green Tea with another illi mask – we would this in any customer’s purchase because they are expecting 6 illi masks in that box set.”

Which I thought was pretty awesome.

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