Blind Beer Taste Test – Hugh & Dee get hammered

My boyfriend is called Hugh and he is cool peoples. We like to go on walks and play videogames together.  It’s actually how we met! Yet, lately when I talk about him it’s either alcohol or potato related. That isn’t all we do! This happens very rarely Mom!

A few months ago Hugh and went through his vodka collection and I was a little bit … merry? Then we made beer together and it was an experience? Now we’re blind testing beer because I don’t know anything about beer and he constantly smack talks Budweiser. 


Much like the vodka video, this was something we’d talked about doing in passing and one bored afternoon decided to pull the trigger on. Next time we’ll try to be more prepared, and shoot in HD so you can see the kick ass labels I made for each drink that we’re still finding around his kitchen. Oops.

As we’re both scientists, we obviously approached this in the most scientific way possible *shifty eyes*, just kidding! We bought the beer in the tried and tested way of, ‘yeah whatever is on offer is good’. Hope you laugh as hard as we did making it, editing it and watching it because it is derp.

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  1. Oh Dee you do make me laugh xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adoredee says:

      Hahaha, we do try to entertain!


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