Quiz Time: Do you speak English?

As an English lady, navigating the internet sometimes can be a big mess of confusion. A lot of the media I consume is created for Americans by Americans, so there are times when the jokes, references or stereotypes they go way over my head. Most of the time its fine, I pick things up with context clues, search for the answer or ask a friend, but there are still words and phrases that I will never fully grasp.

Now it’s your turn.

Last weekend I read yet another British Slang listical, and thought, “Bloody Hell, all Americans must think we do is constantly talk about a cheeky Nandos!” I mean we do, but we talk about other things too! Not everything is cheeky, gosh. Okay, a lot of it is, but that’s besides the point. The point is my dear non English reader, I am here to teach you some English Slang. Today is a lesson in Southern English Slang.

There are 10 words and phrases, with an extra two words and phrases for mega bants because you’re not just a bit of alright, you’re an absolute ledge.

Your Task, should you choose to accept it, is to translate them as best you can, and let me know what you think they mean in the comments. Yes it absolutely is cheating if you use the internet for help or ask an English Friend! This is all on you, there are no life lines! I’m sure there are multiple ways to use these phrases, but as it’s my list, my definition is law!

Bonus points for using the phrase or word in a sentence.

I will be posting up translations along with my favourite translations. once 10 people have had a go in the comments.

Please note, I am open to bribes in the form of early access to Overwatch, Rainbow Six | Siege (on PC!) or Donkey Milk Hydrogel Masks ❤

Have fun!

  1. Absolute numpty.
  2. Buff
  3. Bully for you.
  4. Get piddly.
  5. Peak.
  6. Swear down.
  7. The One.
  8. Throw a wobbly.
  9. Trackie Bottoms
  10. You’ve pulled.

And for utter bants and double bonus points (!) please use the following in one sentence:

  • ArchBishop of Banterbury
  • Cheeky Nandos 

8 Comments Add yours

  1. 2cats says:

    Absolute numpty – like one of those guys from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?
    Buff – naked and good looking, preferably both at the same time
    Bully for you – Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies… so full of BS, just for me! Yay!
    Get piddly – to piddle around
    Peak – hmmm… that’s when his schlong is standing at attention? an ice cream cone? LOL!
    Swear down – the opposite of “bully for you” – I swear up and down and sideways I’m telling the truth!
    The One – NEO!!!
    Throw a wobbly – when you’re really really really bad at playing baseball, I mean cricket.
    Trackie Bottoms – Kim Kardashian’s ass? Or her yoga pants?
    You’ve pulled – should have used a condom instead… no, seriously, to get the short end of the stick?

    I’ll pass on the bonus.

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  2. exdevlin says:

    Absolute numpty – Absolute idiot
    Buff – Fit, or hot
    Bully for you – Good for you!
    Get piddly – Um… petty?
    Peak – Climax?
    Swear down – The only thing I can think of is swearing up and down about something
    The One – The One Ring?
    Throw a wobbly – Drunk bar fighting?
    Trackie Bottoms – Jogging pants?
    You’ve pulled – Flirting/picking someone up/one night stand

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  3. joowee says:

    Absolute numpty. – Absolute
    Buff – attractive in a masculine way
    Bully for you. – Good for you
    Get piddly. – Get drunk!
    Peak. – Bend and snap
    Swear down. – Take it down a notch
    The One. – My precious…
    Throw a wobbly. – Throw a fit
    Trackie Bottoms – Underwear
    You’ve pulled. – Saved yourself from social embarrassment
    ArchBishop of Banterbury – Someone who talks too much
    Cheeky Nandos – Muffin tops

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  4. skinandtonics says:

    Ok, I’ll try! Even though I watch a lot of British TV, I don’t know many of these. Please don’t laugh. Actually, please do laugh. That would make me feel better about how awful I’m about to do.

    Absolute numpty – A raving lunatic

    Buff – Naked

    Bully for you – I think this one is “good for you,” but I think of it in sort of a sarcastic context.

    Get piddly – Get drunk?

    Peak – Lord, I have no idea.

    Swear down – I’m gonna say calm down. But in the context of someone losing their shit needing to calm down.

    The One – Is this like the Brit version of “bae?”

    Throw a wobbly – To guess? I feel like I’m throwing a lot of wobblys for this list.

    Trackie Bottoms – Sweat pants. God, I hope this one is right, so I can start calling my sweat pants trackie bottoms. Maybe I’ll do that anyway.

    You’ve pulled – Scored sexually. There’s a saying one of my southern, mountainy friends uses here for when a guy scores with a lady. He calls is “pulling trim.” I’m guessing this one is similar.

    And for utter bants and double bonus points (!) please use the following in one sentence:

    ArchBishop of Banterbury
    Cheeky Nandos

    I saw the ArchBishop of Banterbury in the buff, and he had some SERIOUSLY cheeky nandos.

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  5. True story: I had to say these phrases over and over in my best British accent (like…tv anchor accent) to try to do this. haaaaa

    Absolute numpty–>total BS
    Bully for you–>good for you
    Get piddly–>get tipsy
    Peak–>feeling unwell
    Swear down–>make a promise
    The One–>one’s ultimate romantic partner
    Throw a wobbly–>strike out with a romantic interest
    Trackie Bottoms–>track pants
    You’ve pulled–>you’ve scored with a romantic partner

    He was going on like the ArchBishop of Banterbury after having a go at the communion wine while the Cheeky Nandos in the corner laughed and called him daft.

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  6. Oh excellent timing. –Angela

    1. Absolute numpty. = Lies, all lies! (“‘The Hills'” turned out to be absolute numpty.)
    2.Buff = yada yada [X-rated] (“She really buffed him good.”)
    3.Bully for you. = Hrmph, good for you. Totally not hating. Not. At. All.
    4.Get piddly. = Get riled up (“Don’t get piddly with me!”)
    5.Peak. = That pointy duck-butt hair that guys do (“I forgave his peak because he was so tall.”)
    6.Swear down. = A good talking to (“Don’t you make me give you a swear down!”)
    7.The One. = A highway in England? (“The One’s jammed up; take The Two instead.”)
    8.Throw a wobbly. = Made a boo-boo (“He sure threw a wobbly when he asked her how far along she was.”)
    9.Trackie Bottoms = Diapers (“Sue’s harem pants look like Trackie Bottoms.”)
    10.You’ve pulled. = You’ve gone crazy (“I’m cutting you off from any more hauling. You’ve pulled.”)

    The way she kept namedropping Cheeky Nandos, you would have thought she was the ArchBishop of Banterbury.

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  7. melubbeauty says:

    1. Absolute numpty. = absolute dumbass
    2.Buff = fit and smexy!
    3.Bully for you = good for you! But super sarcastic
    4.Get piddly. – getting nothing (you ain’t gettin squat/piddly!)
    5.Peak. = climax?
    6.Swear down. = swearing up and down
    7.The One. = bae
    8.Throw a wobbly. = screwed up
    9.Trackie Bottoms = track bottoms
    10.You’ve pulled. = You’ve nabbed a hottie!

    Miss fancy pants over there kept bragging and talking over everyone like she was the ArchBishop of Banterbury while we were having some Cheeky Nandos the other night.


  8. asphodeldw says:

    I think peak means under the weather probably. I remember Molly Weasley telling Arthur that he still looked a little peaky. Buff has to mean like fit and sexy. To throw a wobbly is to throw a tantrum I think, I remember reading this somewhere and looking it up. Also Trackie Bottoms means sweatpants because even in my country they’re called track pants.

    For some godforsaken reason, Alex was throwin’ a wobbly in the middle of our cheeky Nando’s! I followed him outside and we got to talking and somehow ended up snogging at his place.


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